Life Inside a Computer

Plan9 Fun
My friends, we cannot keep this a secret any longer! Read more... ->
Ditch the Walled Gardens
Walled gardens and platform-dependency make everything actively worse, no matter what spit-polish the used car salesmen of the technology industry apply with their grubby sleeves. Read more... ->
Site Speed Increases
I got poking around at this site and was doing some thinking. Mainly along the lines of speed and security... Read more... ->
For a good long while now I've been hosting a bunch of different services across different servers... Read more... ->
Building Smarter
I've been meaning to improve the way I deploy this website for a little while now... Read more... ->
So I've been having some fun recently trying to teach myself Rust.. Read more... ->
Say No To Slack
My workplace uses Slack. Actually, let me rephrase that: some of my coworkers use Slack. Read more... ->
Going Free
After some self-education I've come to the conclusion that these dependencies must end and have been on a path to rid myself of external influences.... Read more... ->
Into the Void
Ever heard of Void Linux? Me neither until a little while ago... Read more... ->
Matrix is Here
It's finally here! After much head scratching, frustration, and eventually the building of an entirely new server... Read more... ->
Tanuki Tunes Update
After a little bit of frustration on my side due to not following the directions properly... Read more... ->
Baku Social News
So it's been a bit of a busy month for Baku Social... Read more... ->
Baku Social
I've been looking for a project recently to teach me some more about various technologies, Read more... ->
Getting On With Gutenberg
It seems like you can't use anything these days without spending a good amount of time... Read more... ->
Apple: Drink the Cider
Let me get this off my chest right now. I hate Apple. I hate iOS. I hate macOS... Read more... ->
Personal Matters
This post is more of a rant than anything technical. In fact, it's more of a moan born of recent frustrations... Read more... ->
New Site
As the astute among you may have noticed, this site has undergone some changes over the last couple of days... Read more... ->
Deploying and Controlling Google Chrome Settings Using Microsoft Intune
Righto. This one has given me a mild headache for the last couple of days, but I've found a workable Read more... ->
Microsoft Teams Deployment Headaches
So you want to use Microsoft Teams in your organisation, huh? Are you prepared for the pain? Read more... ->
Back to the Drawing Board
For the past couple of weeks I've been trying out new things. New to me, anyway... Read more... ->
Some More Windows Work
It's been a little while since I last posted here. I've been having a very busy and productive time... Read more... ->
Knit and Perl
I mostly seem to hang out with coders. It seems that the people with whom I most frequently interact... Read more... ->
PGP Problems Promise Pounding Headaches
At the moment, information on this flaw is scarce, so as always it’s best to wait until the paper is published... Read more... ->
A Reluctant Return to Windows
I have lived a Windows-free life for a good long while now, using the OS only at work and leaving my Read more... ->
Acclimitising to New Tech
My team recently moved away from a (frankly old and creaking) ManageEngine ServiceDesk solution to JIRA Read more... ->
Another Day Another Intel Fail
A few years ago, I'd have been shocked to see the sort of vulnerabilities I see announced these days Read more... ->
Deploying Sophos in a Production Environment
AntiVirus is a necessary evil. With the world more connected than ever before, every device Read more... ->
Uncontrolled Devices: Not Even Once
This little rant of mine was inspired in part by an article about Amazon’s Alexa and her recent spout of the giggles... Read more... ->
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