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So I've been saying for a number of years that I'd really like to get into app development, but have never really had a project to work on. This is usually my struggle. I am the sort of person who learns by doing, but until I have a need to do something I can't bring myself to learn.

Following on from my previous post I have been using the latest release of elementaryOS for the last few days and having a poke around at their documentation. I've been really impressed by the relative simplicity of approach applications seem to have on the OS and the documentation. Having followed through a bit, it looks like the ideal platform for me to actually try and make my first app on.

The app will not be complicated (obviously). The idea is to combine two short programs I've written previously: a simple Vala/GTK app written along with an elementary guide and a C program I wrote a while back to translate temperatures between °C, °F, and K. Since I already have the basic calculations written out for this, I don't need to worry too much about the maths (which is my greatest foe).

Instead I want to focus on UX and UI, specifically with regards to how the app deals with input and output of text. I know exactly what the app to look like and how I want it to work, the trick is going to be tying together all the bits and pieces while also trying to teach myself enough Vala + GTK to make it look like it does in my head.

This is just a post jotting down thoughts and the like. Obviously, this is going to take me a while since I'm completely lacking in experience. Just thought I'd post something lest I forget to do the damn thing.

As a quick update, I've added thermy to my Sourcehut as (very much) a WIP. As the app is updated when I have time to spare I'll push it straight there. Wouldn't expect too much, though.