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Another Funkwhale Update

After a little bit of frustration on my side due to not following the directions properly, Tanuki Tunes is now running Funkwhale 0.18.1. The changes in this version will be mostly invisible to end-users, but include important bugfixes such as one that prevented the editing of tracks in the Django admin panel. This update has also made me aware that the site was previously running an out-of-date version of Postgresql. This has now been rectified, so the site is completely up-to-date with suggested specs.

A Sad Update

As many of you were probably aware, this weekend was the weekend of FOSDEM out in Brussels. Yours truly was supposed to be in attendance, however a drizzling of snow shut down all local airports and forced me to give up trying to leave the country after trying for more than 24 hours. I'm going to be catching up on the videos from the conference over the next few days and look forward to attending next year (hopefully!)

Other Stuff

This past month has been steady for both Baku Social and Tanuki Tunes, with the only downtime being due to the upgrade to the latter. This affected Baku Social due to my lack of experience working with Postgresql and Docker, but it's fair to say I've learned a lot from the process. Hopefully this will go smoother in future and the two sites should be spun up and down separately from one another at all times as is the point of running them from Docker.

I am still awaiting the final sketches for Baku Social's new mascot. I've been working with the artist to make something that reflects both Mastodon's fun, cartoonish vibe and the mythological presence of the Baku. It should be great once it's done!

Tsukumogami and FolkloreThursdayBot have been working well this week with the exception of a double-posting bug with FTBot which I need to look into. Once that's solved, I'll be looking in to other content to make bots for. Any suggestions are welcome, just PM me on Mastodon.

Lastly, I've updated the theme for Rootkey just for a change of pace. I've also made a dedicated subdirectory for any music I post, all of which can be streamed directly on the site from Tanuki Tunes thanks to a new embed feature included in version 0.18 of Funkwhale.

That's all for now, folks!