Going Green

Written on 2020-02-05 21:24:55

I'm always surprised when I see modern companies not using renewable energy sources as a matter of course. It seems so strange to me that they don't see that this is a really big draw, especially in the tech industry where at least 70% of us are weird hippies. The other day I decided to do a little research on my host's (DigitalOcean) offerings and the differences between the datacentre, and I was surprised to find out the following:

  1. DO does not have an easily accessible page about the green status of their datacentres
  2. Only one of their datacentres is easily verifiable as green (FRA1)

Now, judging by this post the majority of DO's European hosting is fully green (including London, though for privacy reasons I would wholeheartedly and emphatically disuade you from hosting anything at all in the UK if you can possibly avoid it). But trawling through the forums shows a lot of umming and ahing on DO's part and a seeming unwillingness to be transparent and straightforward with users about the state of their energy sources.

Of course, users can go to the hosting providers directly to find out more information, but it really would be better for DO to be up-front and honest about these things from the get-go. If, for example, somebody chose to host their services/data in the SF datacentres, they may be disappointed to learn that these run on only 30% renewable energy and may look to use a different region. Certainly, this would have swayed my decision when setting up my servers.

Currently, my Matrix server and website are both hosted in FRA1, as are all of my spaces. I'm thinking of migrating my other services (Funkwhale and Mastodon) from AMS3 to FRA1 as well, if only to reward interxion for being so up-front and reliable with their renewables.

tl;dr, DO sort your shit out and put green ratings on your regions at selection.


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