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Technical Updates

So it's been a bit of a busy month for Baku Social. The server experienced some minor downtime at the end of December owing to high memory usage, however there doesn't seem to have been anything breeching the limits since then so fingers crossed there is no need yet to upgrade the specs of the VPS itself. I'm continuing to monitor it to ensure that nothing goes overboard, but given the low traffic both it and Tanuki Tunes seem to be managing fine for the moment.

On the server front I've done some work around stripping down AWS storage and have tweaked the cloud firewall to try and keep as much unwanted traffic out as possible. Things appear to be stable at the moment on this front, so I'll keep this setup rolling as long as it's suitable.

Content Updates

Some exciting news on the content front. Having previously been given permission by Matthew Meyer to activate Tsukumogamibot, I have also been given the go-ahead from the editors of Folklore Thursday to activate a daily RSS feed bot: Folklore Thursday Bot Hopefully this will allow me to build up the visibility of both Baku Social itself as well as a couple of projects I'm a big fan of.

In other content news I've been in talks with Brenna Stones to provide some commissioned art for the site. I should be able to share this soon and am very excited to have a unique hero/mascot image to differentiate the site a bit from the stock design.

That's all for now! As always, you can follow me on Mastodon for updates.