A New Year

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Happy 2020

2019 was a bit of a rocky year, admittedly. With the country in which I reside resigning itself utterly to lunacy, my relationship ending, and a general descent in my mental health at several points due to work and existing issues, it is not a year I will necessarily look back on with much fondness. All is not, however, doom and gloom.

Funky Friends

Back in February of 2019 I started committing to Funkwhale. Initially I contributed only documentation, but as I spent more time with the application I started to get more involved with the codebase. I now regularly contribute small fixes and improvements, and I even sit on the association's steering committee.

Participating in Funkwhale has been an incredibly rewarding experience which I hope to keep going for as long as possible. In February, a whole year on from the start of my engagement with the project, I will be travelling to meet the collected association members in person!

Hosting Hijinks

Of course, 2019 was also the year that I got fully stuck into hosting my own services. While Tanuki Tunes and Baku Social were technically spun up in December 2018, they didn't really start to see any traction until much later. I now host 4 public services (Mastodon, Funkwhale, Gitea, and Matrix) and a private Streama instance for me and my dad. I had always been interested in self hosting, and I have to admit that I very much enjoy the challenge it presents. Tanuki Tunes has been particularly popular, gaining over 200 users over the course of the year 🎉

Hopes for the Future

I was recently given a new job, which will mean that I will be transitioning out of my current reactive support role and into a more constructive technical account management role. While not the development role I was hoping to get (in order to help me improve my coding knowledge), this role should leave me with more time to work on projects, better pay, and a chance to actually work a standard shift for once. No more tickets! No more tickets!

That is, of course, if the UK doesn't decide to completely tear itself apart over the next year...