Life Inside a Computer

Knit and Perl
I mostly seem to hang out with coders. It seems that the people with whom I most frequently interact... Read more... ->
PGP Problems Promise Pounding Headaches
At the moment, information on this flaw is scarce, so as always it’s best to wait until the paper is published... Read more... ->
A Reluctant Return to Windows
I have lived a Windows-free life for a good long while now, using the OS only at work and leaving my Read more... ->
Acclimitising to New Tech
My team recently moved away from a (frankly old and creaking) ManageEngine ServiceDesk solution to JIRA Read more... ->
Another Day Another Intel Fail
A few years ago, I'd have been shocked to see the sort of vulnerabilities I see announced these days Read more... ->
Deploying Sophos in a Production Environment
AntiVirus is a necessary evil. With the world more connected than ever before, every device Read more... ->
Uncontrolled Devices: Not Even Once
This little rant of mine was inspired in part by an article about Amazon’s Alexa and her recent spout of the giggles... Read more... ->
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