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Say No To Slack

My workplace uses Slack. Actually, let me rephrase that: some of my coworkers use Slack. The company for which I work has had some trouble committing properly to a communications platform, which has left us in something of a state of limbo when it comes to communicating with one another. Some people only use Slack, others only Skype, still more refuse to communicate by anything other than good old fashioned face-to-face or email.


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Bring Back My Internet

Okay, so I’m slightly reneging on my earlier post by writing about computers again, but trust me when I say this one is as much personal as it is technical.

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Apple: Drink the Cider

Let me get this off my chest right now. I hate Apple. I hate iOS. I hate macOS. I hate the software, the hardware, and the ethos of Apple. To my mind, Apple represents the very worst of the technology industry: devices which are hard to use, easy to break, and difficult to fix. Therefore, I’m never surprised when I see news stories like this one.

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Personal Matters

This post is more of a rant than anything technical. In fact, it’s more of a moan born of recent frustrations. Nevertheless, this is my website. Where better to moan?

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Uncontrolled Devices: Not Even Once

I’m a systems administrator by trade (or as I often find myself writing, a “systemd administrator” since that cancerous piece of bloatware consumes most of my troubleshooting life). It is, therefore, perhaps unsurprising that I like having control over the devices in my home. I refuse to use Apple devices apart from the one I have to use for work, I allow only GNU/Linux devices to be used on our home WiFi, and while my rooted Android phone is still somewhat lacking in end-user control, I plan to replace it with the Librem 5 when it launches.

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