Life Inside a Computer

Bring Back My Internet
Okay, so I'm slightly reneging on my earlier post by writing about computers again... Read more... ->
Goodbye, Guix
So for the last few weeks I've been exclusively using GuixSD on my Read more... ->
More Writing
I've been writing posts on this website for a little while now, mostly relating to my technological exploits and sysadmin misadventures... Read more... ->
Tanuki Tunes Update
After a little bit of frustration on my side due to not following the directions properly... Read more... ->
This is a short EP I recorded back in 2015. It was inspired by my life in Hong Kong, where I had been studying at the time... Read more... ->
Baku Social News
So it's been a bit of a busy month for Baku Social... Read more... ->
Baku Social
I've been looking for a project recently to teach me some more about various technologies, Read more... ->
Getting On With Gutenberg
It seems like you can't use anything these days without spending a good amount of time... Read more... ->
So I've been saying for a number of years that I'd really like to get into app development... Read more... ->
Elementary OS Juno
I like Elementary OS. It does plenty right and offers a minimalist system with decent keyboard control... Read more... ->
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