Life Inside a Computer

A New Year
2019 was a bit of a rocky year, admittedly. With the country in Read more... ->
Coleslaw Migration
This marks my third(?) migration to a new site format! 🎉 Read more... ->
So I've been having some fun recently trying to teach myself Rust.. Read more... ->
Say No To Slack
My workplace uses Slack. Actually, let me rephrase that: some of my coworkers use Slack. Read more... ->
Going Free
After some self-education I've come to the conclusion that these dependencies must end and have been on a path to rid myself of external influences.... Read more... ->
Into the Void
Ever heard of Void Linux? Me neither until a little while ago... Read more... ->
Moving To Sphinx
I've made a few changes to this website. Well, not really a few changes, more like a complete overhaul... Read more... ->
Matrix is Here
It's finally here! After much head scratching, frustration, and eventually the building of an entirely new server... Read more... ->
New Developments
Every time I have a blog I am always really bad at posting to it consistently... Read more... ->
It feels good to actually have a positive impact on something... Read more... ->
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